BartPE or Other Bootable Distro Gives Blue Screen 0x0000007B

July 21, 2009

When using a BartPE, or other bootable distro, your system blue screens with ‘Stop 0x0000007B’.

The most likely cause for this BSOD is due to missing SATA drivers. To solve this problem you can add the correct drivers to your boot disk.  However, this involves you finding the correct drivers and then applying them to your particular boot disk. The easier solution is to change the mode of your disk controller within the BIOS of your system. Depending on your system setup you will have various settings for this device. Likely you will see: RAID, AHCPI, IDE, or Compatible inplace of IDE. You will want to choose Compatible or IDE depending on what you system presents. Reboot after making the change and you should be good to go.